Books I HAVE to read in 2017!

I was just thinking about the New Years Eve again and was prepairing for the party tonight when I found a book I bought in 2016 and wanted to read sooo badly – but just forgot about it!

This inspired me to do a little list with books I bought or wanted so badly, but didn`t read in 2016. And to set another New Years Goal: Read them all in 2017, starting tomorrow. 🙂

  1. “Understandig marriage as a sacrament” by Thomas Schumacher
  2. “The Dark Night of the Soul” by Gerald May
  3. “A Bishop preaches” by Eder, the former archbishop of Salzburg
  4. “God or nothing” by Cardinal Sarah
  5. “The physics of the christian religion” by Frank J. Tipler
  6. “Jesus” by Klaus Berger


So, this is just a short list of books I have at home and with which I want to start. 🙂 I just tried to translate the german titles into english, maybe the title of the English version is a little bit different, but I think it will be possible to find the books using google. 🙂



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