Thinking about the Year

So, I am gonna start with a short, but personal post.

I am just sitting around, praying and thinking about my personal year 2016. There is a lot I am thankful for, but ONE thing is the thing I am the MOST thankful for.

To be honest with you right from the start: I am diagnosed with major depression AND I went through a lot of stuff, some of it caused by people who should have represented the church, the truth and morality.

BUT, this is not the place to get into detail about that. I want to stay objective and focus on my faith in this Blog. I will give some necessary details if it helps to get to the point about my views on faith or theology.

I just had to say it, because when I am talking about a time I almost lost my faith or about my doubts, it is helpflul to know at least a little bit personal background-stuff.

So…the Year. The most positive thing: After a long period of serious doubts, I had a moment when I felt my faith was back. And when I “gave in” to have another serious try.

Well, it worked out as you see. Now I am here and posting about it. 🙂

Like I said, the doubt has nothing to do – or almost nothing – with theological questions… Just with personal stuff. Maybe some theological questions came with it later and some stuff was triggered, but for the start, it wasn`t about Theology. I always loved it, even when I had doubts and moments when I hated it.

So, this was the best part of the year. Realising I want to be a serious, practicing Catholic again, right there, in my bathtube. 😉



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