Some New Year Goals…

…like I said in my latest post, I just got my faith back this year, but I still want to change a lot in practicing it.

I have to say: I am a very head-centered believer. I LOVE to read books about Theology, I love to think about philosophical problems, I love to learn about Church History and stuff like that…

But sometimes I feel like my faith gets stuck on this rational kind of level and doesn`t reach my heart. But this is superimportant. So – I have to work on that. Like Ratzinger said: “You can search for God with your mind, but you will find him with your heart.”

My goals are:

  1. Praying the Rosary every day.
  2. Going to Mass every Sunday. (Yes, I didn`t do it always, sometimes I just watched it on TV because I felt to depressed to go…)
  3. Praying every morning and every evening.
  4. Praying before every meal.
  5. Going to confession more often.
  6. Stop using bad words.
  7. Stop to gossip.
  8. Accepting my body and eating in a healthy kind of way.

I have some more goals, like getting my BA (I started studying German after Theology), but I focused on the religious-based or at least related ones in this Blog. 🙂

So, this was some more personal stuff. I HAVE get the theological themes started right now. 😉

But – Sometimes it does help people with their own faith to know what other people are doing or going through. So – I think it might be okay. 🙂



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